The easiest way to confirm the correct options is to select a clawfoot tub from our customize section of our website. In this section, faucets, drains and accessories are all preselected to ensure that the options presented fit that particular tub!

Drains and Overflows 

The drain and overflow is a standard sized-deal. Just type in the search bar "cc20" and you can see all available options for your bath. 

Which faucet goes with my bath?

This depends on the hole tapping for your bath. If there are no holes tapped, you will need a freestanding, waterlines and a wall mount faucet. You can find those options here. For a bath with two holes above the overflow, you will need a 3-3/8" on center faucet, which can be found  here.. Finally, for a bath with two 7" on center holes on the deck, you will need a 7" on center deck mount faucet. These faucets can be found here. Please follow the link for more information We would not recommend using a wall mount faucet for a freestanding bath.   Video:

Water Lines for My bath

Just go to our website and click here to see our options. You will see freestanding water lines for baths that do not have holes for the faucet. You will also see straight water lines - these are for the baths that have 7" on center holes for a deck mount faucet. Otherwise, you will need an offset water supply line. This is used for a faucet that mounts on the wall of a bathtub. They are beautifully contoured from an 8" center bottom to a slim 3-3/8" on center.  Video: