With proper care, a porcelain surface can last a literal lifetime. The most important thing is to not be too aggressive with it! To get scuff marks out, we recommend a magic eraser and dawn dishwashing detergent. That's generally enough to get out the toughest scuff marks.

If you want to keep your new porcelain enamel surface beautiful for years, here’s how: 

1) Clean regularly to prevent dirt and grease build-up. 

2) Clean gently: warm water and liquid dishwashing detergents such as Ivory or Dawn work well. Other cleaners that are PH neutral can be used also, organic PH Neutral cleansers are great for the environment and your sink!


1)Use steel wool or scrubbing pads or abrasive gritty cleaners for cleaning. 

2) Allow drain opening chemicals, nail polish remover, bleach, or other harsh products (Acidic) to touch the finish.   

3) Use suction cup mats or similar products on the finish. 

4) Allow leaky faucets to continue for long periods of time.