By far the easiest way to know if a faucet will fit a certain sink is to use our customized listings. Each item in the customize section of our website has been matched with compatible faucets, drains and accessories to make the selection process easier! 

If you'd prefer to put together your own package, we've assembled some tips below to help you determine the right size faucet for the perfect fit.

  • The backsplash to the tip of the faucet should be half the distance of the front to the back of the sink basin

  • Make sure that the faucet holes match that of the sink - the two sinkhole sizes we carry are 8” on center and 3-3/8th" on center plus some are adjustable on center.

    • To find the 3-3/8th on center, follow the link below. It is also important to note that these faucets are listed as clawfoot tub faucets (as most CFTs in our store are 3-3/8th on center), but they do fit this sink!

    • There will most likely be a price difference to change the faucet from a package - always search for the faucet that comes with the package and then the new one the customer wants if you are switching


We also have a video on faucet selections: