You will need: ratchet set, pipe wrenches, brackets, electric screw gun with various tips, 6 screws, teflon tape or equivalent, plumber’s putty, painter's tape

  1. Assemble the sink to the base, putting it in the place where you will install. 

  2. Lay out a piece of painter’s tape across the back of the sink against the wall to make a reference mark for the top edge of the sink. Verify that plumbing pipes are in order and in place.

  3. Move the sink off to the side and install the faucet, water lines, and drain assembly.

  4. Underneath the sink, install the shutoff valves to the wall.

  5. Hook up the water lines to the faucet.

  6. Install the brackets with the offset marked from the top of the sink to the offset to where the brackets install.

  7. Attach the brackets to the wall.

  8. Move the sink back in place and sit the sink on the brackets.

  9. Install the p trap to the house’s internal plumbing.

  10. Connect the water lines to the wall.